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Discover Life

Whole Food Plant Based Living


First of all, give yourself a big hug for taking the beginning steps and seeking knowledge to improve your health! I know what it feels like to be sick and tired of being...sick and tired. Today's typical American diet and lifestyle ends up leading most with a list of illnesses and prescriptions to treat only the symptoms.

Through my journey into health and nutrition, I've developed a compassion so big I can't help but share it with you. I'm an advocate of treating the entire body as a system and not just the symptoms. Food is not just energy, its information. Therefore everything we put into out bodies on a daily basis is either feeding disease or healing it. Bottom line is.. health, vitality, energy and appearance are all a result of what information we feed ourselves with. I'm here to give you hope and answers so you can live a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

You've come to the right place to begin!

Here you will find meal plans, recipes, health guidance, yoga, exercise info, and a peek into some of my adventures... all while learning to live a healthy lifestyle!

By following my advice and programs for a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle you will not only increase your energy, be able to do more of what you love, but have more to give and be more productive.

You might even feel like a whole new you!

Nothing is better than feeling good... all the time!. The quality of life you're living may even be, “okay” in your terms, but from experience I can tell you that you have no idea how good you're designed to feel until you start taking charge of your health.

One day or day one, you decide.